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The BlueSpot 300 Piece Assorted Nut, Bolt and Washer Set is ideal for use around the home and workplace. Includes handy carrying case for quick and convenient storage. Contains 300 assorted nuts, bolts and washers.

Each set contains:

  • Washers: 5mm (x110), 6mm (x40) & 8mm (x15)
  • Nuts: M5 x 0.8mm (x35), M6 x 1mm (x20) & M8 x 1.25mm (x5)
  • Bolts: M6 x 1mm x 30mm (x20), M6 x 1mm x 50mm (x15), M5 x 0.8mm x 30mm (x35) & M8 x 1.25mm x 40mm (x5)

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